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Good Financial advice requires expert, honest solutions. Our Financial Planners will help steer you towards your financial goals.

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"ProLink Financial Services. A quality financial planning consultancy. The right Products and a great team is key to delivering outstanding service to our clients. Providing excellence in Financial Planning Solutions.."
M Bliss

Experience & Skill

We are a leading Financial Services consultancy. We specialise in and focuses on the optimal Client-Broker relationship. We insist on transparency and impartiality in the advice processes. In doing so we are able to provide beneficial relationships.
We understand the value and differences between the various Financial disciplines. Our team are able to provide specific services to our diverse clients.
We offer a full spectrum of solutions in Risk, Investment and Medical care. We have long standing contracts with all the major Companies.
The right Products and a great team is key to delivering outstanding service to our clients.
Providing excellence in Financial Planning Solutions.

A guiding hand through stormy weather

A simple process to keep you on track.

Where do you stand right now?

Knowing exactly where you are is the first step in planning where you aim to get to. It allows you to aim at your target and measure your progress.

What is your goal?

Perhaps, more correctly, what are your goals? What timeline are you targeting? How serious are you about their completion? What can your budget allow?

What is your first order of business?

Financial planning has many parts. Protecting yourself from risk, growing your wealth and protecting your health. What's the most urgent?

When do you want to start?

Once you have a clear picture, when do you intend to start. Plans without action are meaningless. We can help you on the journey. Are you ready to start? Begin with a call, find out more. Are we a good fit? Absolutely. Are we the right fit? We can't say, give us a call today, let's talk. If you are happy we can go from there. Sound good? Call today. Click below.

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Customers reviews

Exceptional service from a company that actually cares about their clients and their well being. Mike Bliss your integrity and honesty is top notch. It's very rare to find a company that actually does look after your investment. Highly recommended
Leslie Smith
Since taking over our investment portfolio wehave had exceptional growth year on year.
Adam Sendler
Pro Poker player
I am a regular runner and cyclist, so when I had chest pains I had no idea I had a problem. I was rushed to hospital for a procedure. All the costs from admission to discharge were handled fantastically by the admin girls at Prolink Financial Services. Thanks a million.
Retirement Prolink Financial Services
Mike Stent
Life Support